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Home page introduction:

We have recently established ourselves in the Stroud (Gloucestershire, UK) area and progressing well with a portfolio(s) of work as this website will record.

We provide a service in gilding where required by our customers and incorporate subtle 'smartness' to atefacts and décor to create an uniqueness for our customers where appropriate without overpowering the original 'look'.

We also bring back into circulation for reuse those items of furniture that have potential to be revitalised, restored, resurrected from abandonment to bring joy to a new generation of people who appreciate the quality and style of a pleasurable environment and also as contributors to saving some of the Earths' natural resources.

Other objectives include the use of traditional materials, finishes and processes wherever possible.


News, Announcements & Deals:
Year End Update - 2014

Well, I continue to create some more items - but most notably, practicing at carving wood has taken over repairs to furniture and gilding. I have been practicing my carving re-using the wood that was used for window frames when the house was built in 1963. It looks like an Utile wood which I beleive is a mohogany of sorts - anyway it does carve well but you could not achieve the detail that you could get in carving lime. I haven't carved in lime before so before the end of the year I shall purchase some from the local woodmill and get crakingh - it may be a good idea if I made a further investment in the chisels - if I am to take this hobby further. I will let you know what tools I have decided to buy - but, certainly the price for each will be £25-£30 for each chisel unless I find some at auction.

Cheers for now - Charlie

Update September 2014

Some advances have been made since the launch but time can be enemy number one. Very little time to finish off artefacts that require long periods of material hardening and organisation around the house. I have moved house since starting this site and now i am just getting a bit more organised making provision for the tools and working environment that I need to achieve a higher standard - though I still need to get more proficient at water gilding which is by far the trickiest process which requires much practice - difficult when gold leaf costs approximately £1 a sheet.

It is getting to know which of the suppliers can be relied upon to be consistent in their product line. Gold Leaf Supplies are pretty reliable. I will continue to update this site more regularly as and when I am able to complete the task to which I have set myself. Thank you - Charlie (Sept 2014)_